Thursday, 27 November 2014

Lancashire Quiz 2014

1. Who is the Duke of Lancaster?

2. Name the Lancashire entertainer who was born in Wigan, died in Preston and had a funeral in Warrington which attracted 100,000 mourners?

3. Which village is the official centre of the British Isles?

4. Which Lancashire born engineer invented the Spinning Jenny in the 18th Century?

5. In which Lancashire town was the Cooperative Movement founded?

6. Name the band from Colne that had the top 40 single Which Way Should I Jump?

7. What is the highest point in Lancashire today?

8. Historically which is Lancashire’s most westerly town?

9. In the popular Lancashire dish stew & hard, what is the hard?

10. Which town is famous for its consumption of Benedictine liqueur?

11. Which comedy double act worked as welders in a Lancashire factory before forming a singing duo called The Harper Brothers?

12. If you stood in the middle of Burnley town centre and you wanted to leave, no matter which direction you took you must do something. What is it?

13. Which band formed in East Lancashire has had more UK chart hit singles than the Beatles?

14. What is the administrative capital of Lancashire?

15. Which town has a temple belonging to the religious group the Mormons?

16. What is the name of the theme park in Charnock Richard, Chorley?

17. Which Lancashire actress starred in Little Voice with Michael Caine?

18. Which Lancashire town is home to the Hollands Pies factory?

19. Who was John Eric Bartholomew better known as?

20. What was once famously mined in Sabden?

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