Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Sara Lowes - The Joy of Waiting - Review
What do you want to get out of the music that you buy?

If you prefer to listen to the same old nondescript mainstream pop bubble-gum reality television show drivel then this is probably not the one direction you should be travelling in.

If you wish to listen to expertly crafted melodies and moods played by world class musicians that whisk you along a magical musical voyage through an avalanche of happiness then the joy of waiting is over.

Sara Lowes is one of the North West’s, if not the country’s, finest female artists. Her music is an absolute pleasure to listen to and it is as intriguing as it is entertaining.

She was one tenth (or maybe 11th or 12th, one can never be sure) of The Earlies, who by the way are on the comeback trail and she has toured with Marina and the Diamonds supporting some band called Coldplay.

The Joy of Waiting is simply superb and the talent on show is incredible including Richard & Neil C Young, Alex Berry, Christian & Nicky Madden, Nathan Sudders, Gareth Maybury, Pete Marshall, Bob Dinn & Semay Wu.

Between them they have been involved with acts such as The Whip, Tokolosh, Paul Heaton, The Courteeners , The Earlies, The Uptown Band (for the Burnley folk reading this) and the legendary Ofay.

The eponymous opening track gives you a taste of things to come. It starts rather sedately with strings and piano and builds to a crescendo of Hammond organ, bass and electric guitar.

This leads to Most Things, which I believe will be a single and a good one at that. It’s uplifting and full of melody and beautiful vocals. Sara always makes me think of Carly Simon but better. I’m not sure if she’d take that as a compliment. But it is most definitely meant as one.

The bass, drums and Hammond are used splendidly on the track Cutting Room Floor. It’s a funky upbeat yet mellow vibe. The only downside is that its only 5.22 minutes long.

My personal favourite is I Find You which featured on the catchy titled EP, All For the Dream (With the Means of a Well Planned Getaway).

The whole album is a superb piece of music and I really hope that Sara gets the recognition that she deserves because of it.

The Joy of Waiting is out now and is available via the website or iTunes and there is also limited edition heavy weight vinyl with gate-fold sleeve with fantastic artwork from Stanley Chow.

Track Listing (NB the track order is different on the 12” vinyl.)
  1. The Joy of Waiting 
  2. Most Things 
  3. I Find You 
  4. J.B. Priestley 
  5. Bright Day 
  6. Chapman of Rhymes 
  7. With a Mirror 
  8. Little Fishy 
  9. For the Seasons 
  10. Cutting Room Floor 
  11. Horizons 
  12. The Clock Plays Its Game

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