Friday, 27 November 2015

Lancashire Day Quiz 2015 - In Aid of East Lancs Hospice

To celebrate Lancashire Day this year I've devised another (hopefully) fun quiz for you all to have a go at. Some of the answers I have picked up on my travels around the county in the last twelve months. 

Also today, my good friend Stewart Bromwich and me will be going on another outing to a significant Lancastrian summit. You can follow our adventures on twitter @andydevanney or by the hashtag's #LancashireDay #WhereLifeFeelsGood

I hope you enjoy the quiz and if you are feeling generous I would be very grateful if you could spare a few quid to help us raise some much needed cash for East Lancashire Hospice. Thank you.

Please Text ELHS55 £1 or £3 to 70070 to give £1 or £3 instantly.

1. What is the highest point of the County Palatine of Lancashire

2. The Preston By-Pass was Britain’s first motorway standard road. It was opened in December 1958 by whom?

3. How tall is the Blackpool Tower?

4. What was the name of the band leader of the RMS Titanic who hailed from Colne?

5. At the recent Lancashire Tourism Awards who was the winner of the Tourism Pub Award?

6. A memorial on Winter Hill known as Scotsman’s Stump states that on 9th November 1838 a 20 year old man was brutally murdered there. What was his name?

7. Lancashire’s motto is, in concilio consilium. What does this mean?

8. True or False, you can see the Snowdonia from Burnley?

9. In the monologue The Lion and Albert made famous by Stanley Holloway, what was the name of the lion?

10. The longest in the country, what is the length of the Leeds and Liverpool canal?

11. Until it was drained what was the largest body of fresh water in England?

12. Liverpudlian and comedy legend Ken Dodd was famous for his Diddymen. What were they famous for mining?

13. The Football League was founded in 1888 with 12 teams, six of which were from Lancashire. Can you name them?

14. Blackpool Tower, Battersea Power Station and the Empire State Building all have what in common?

15. Lancashire is home to reputedly the longest river in England whose estuary can be seen from its source. Can you name it?

16. What is the name of the engine in Queen Street Mill in Burnley, the world’s last working steam powered mill.

17. What was the name of the cheese loving clay animation comedy duo created by Preston’s Nick Park?

18. What is the correct name for Darwen Tower?

19. In what year were the infamous Lancashire Witch Trials?

20. James Bullough and William Kenworthy invented what in 1842?

Good luck. 


1. The Old Man of Coniston

2. Prime Minister Harold Macmillan

3. 158m or 518ft

4. Wallace Hartley

5. The Cartford Inn, Little Eccleston

6. George Henderson

7. In council is wisdom

8. True. On a clear day the Snowdonian mountains can be seen from the summit of Thieveley Pike in Cliviger, Burnley

9. Wallace

10. 127miles or 204km

11. Martin Mere

12. Jam Butties

13. Accrington (NOT Stanley), Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers, Burnley, Everton, Preston North End

14. They were all built using Accrington NORI brick

15. River Wyre

16. Peace

17. Wallace and Gromit

18. Jubilee Tower

19. 1612

20. The Lancashire Loom

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